About Us

McCallister Marine is the only Phoenix boat dealership in Southwest Missouri.  We offer new and used boats as well as completely custom boats to your specs.  Give us a call or contact us if you need anything, we would be happy to help.


Our Mission

We want to keep your boat on the water, and make your boating more affordable for you. We truly understand what limited time you have to spend on the water with your family and friends. It’s important to rely and trust your dealership to see that you can depend on your boat season after season. We are a family business and take pride in offering great services and products at fair prices to our customers.


Service and Repair

We specialize in service of all types of boats and motors with our world class team of certified mechanics.  If you need repair, service, or winterizing we would be happy to help.  Give us a call, email or message us on Facebook to get your service/repair order started. Parts, service and Mercury warranty work , we are here for you.