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About Us

Here at McCallister Marine you will find that every team member has passion for the boating, fishing & outdoors.  Trust that you will have great service, prices, and only the best experience at McCallister Marine.

Howard McCallister has been a lifelong friend of Gary Clouse (President of Phoenix Bass Boats). At the beginning of Phoenix bass boats, Howard was sent on a mission to find an existing boat dealer who would accept the partnership with Clouse & Phoenix Boats.  As the quest continued, Howard realized he was destined to be that new dealer.  The love and passion Howard has for bass boats and fishing made the commitment a no-brainer.  Now, he knew it wasn't going to be all fun & games and there would be work involved but he was beyond proud to represent. This relationship has grown together over the years and to this day it will be hard to find another dealership more committed to Phoenix boats.

Front of building at McCallister Marine

Meet The Team

Tyler- Experienced in customer satisfaction of 23 + years



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